Zero to Hero: Social Media Kickstarter




Psst, here is the FAQ 👇🏻(Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does the Zero to Hero training?

The Zero to Hero social media training takes as long as you need to get through the components. Ultimately it should be no more than a few hours, which when broken down, module to module you should be able work through a module an evening. So after a week, you can only imagine what your newfound skills and understanding will enable you to do. (You're welcome in advance.)

What if I am now only just in the process of starting my business now? 

Yas 👊🏼Welcome to the club. Where we lose a lot of sleep, more often than not rely on caffeine for support and need as MUCH help as we can get. Um so team, what does this translate to? You are in the right place! This course is a kickstarter which means it will get you ready to carpe diem the crap out of this training to ensure you’ve got everything in order to get it done come 2020! 

What if I don’t want to manage my socials myself and I just want someone to handle my platforms for me?

Hey we totally get it. You want someone else to step up and take control of your socials. Good for you. But remember, you have to be able to pay this person for their time and their experience. You will be looking at anywhere from $150 per week and that includes providing the pictures and a brief. As a small business, you probably don’t have the cashflow to get someone to manage your accounts for you. This is exactly what this kickstarter program is for. It is that lil kickstart that you need in order to get your socials ready to go from zero to hero.

How will Zero to hero help me with my 2020 goals?

It is easy peasy lemon squeasy. We are wanting to ensure you are ready to get yourself from A to Z. By giving you the skills you need to initially set up your profiles and also some freebies like the tools to identify your audiences and what captions to use, you will be set-up with the core skills necessary to take yourself from Zero to hero.  

What kind of support will I get through the Zero to hero program?

We have videos, freebies, quizzes for each and every section of our page. We’ve also got a Facebook group for you to join. This Facebook group is there to help keep each of us accountable. Living in the technological age we do, you can email us, you can audio message us, you can phone us, you can IG audio message or dm us and Facebook message us.  

What if I do this training and then feel I need more help than just a kickstarter?

As the definition states, this is just an introduction. The beginning so to speak. You need to harness what you learn in this training and then apply to your own social profiles. Also, we’re here to lend a helping hand when needed. We specialise in helping businesses and business owners take their communications from zero to hero.  



Need even more of an incentive? Here is what we think you will get out of your Zero to Hero training:

⚡️How to set-up your Instagram platform and go from ZERO to HERO 

⚡️How to correctly identify your target audiences (key word is audiences)

⚡️Caption do’s and don’ts

⚡️ FREE content scheduling tool

⚡️ FREE finding your target audiences tool (major and micro)

⚡️ FREE Facebook group where you can vent, talk through, (preferably not) scream it out. A support network if you will, that will be moderated (by the G&C team, we aren’t bias but we’re great 🙋‍♀) and allow you to talk to compatible, similar and inspiring business owners who are in the EXACT same boat as you.

(You: “So ya telling me that the FREEBIES are worth over $350?!”) 


So by now, I am sure you are wondering, how the HECK do I get all of this for only $159?! Well, the reason you do is because we want to give YOU the power and control to take your own socials from zero to hero. 

Coz we get it! As business owners, big and small, tall and short, we spend COPIOUS amounts of time trying to learn how to do all these lil things, but do we really know if we are doing it correctly? *furiously shakes head*

This is where G&C come in! 🙋‍♀️

🥁 Introducing the Zero to Hero social media training 

(training that you probably didn't know you needed but definitely do) ✨

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IMPORTANT T&CS: This is a one-off payment of $159 for this program and will only be available until 31st December 2019 (at this rate). Once the price increase occurs, you will be unable to purchase at this EXTREMELY low rate. KAPEESH?