Why your business should use a Facebook Group

If you run or operate a business, you most likely already have a Facebook page set-up for this, but have you ever considered a Facebook group? They are one of the most inexpensive and easiest ways to reach your target market. Sure, you have a Facebook page for your business, but it really only serves the same purpose as your personal profile – it’s your official social media identity. Your Facebook page allows you to collect audience analytics or post a call to action, whereas a Facebook group forms a space for existing customers and followers to bond over their love for your product/service, gain exclusive knowledge and it also gives you the chance to build an authentic and loyal online community. Think of it this way, a Facebook page is the storefront for your business – it’s an invitation for people to come inside and look around. A Facebook group is the inside of the store where people have a conversation and fall in love with what the business has to offer.

So, what are we suggesting?

Facebook pages help establish an online presence in a saturated market. However, Facebook Groups form an online community. And your business should probably have both. Here are a few of the reasons why we believe a Facebook group and a maintained presence within this group will help your business -

1. Builds a community through personal engagement

Hot business tip - customers are loyal to businesses who treat them well. This is where Facebook groups thrive. They give you the opportunity to connect with your customers on a more personal level and show them how much you value and appreciate them. Consumers want to connect with a person, rather than a company or brand, and creating a group allows you to instantly become the face behind the group, rather than a company name and logo. Groups create a space for people who share the same interests and passions to connect with one another, as well as gives you the opportunity to engage with your followers on a regular basis which builds invaluable trust and loyalty. If you want to take your relationship with your customers to the next level – a Facebook group is the best way.

2. Increases organic reach

Facebook algorithm - the mystery that everyone is constantly trying to figure out. Luckily enough, Facebook prioritizes ‘meaningful content’ over anything else. But what exactly is that? Meaningful content is anything from posts that are similar to the ones you usually interact with or posts that spark conversation and interactions. Content in group pages tends to do exactly that, so Facebook will rank group page content higher in newsfeeds. Group posts are basically what the Facebook algorithm is searching for!

3. Provides a direct line to your target audience

Unlike Facebook pages who can be seen by anyone, regardless of their interest in your business, posting a Facebook group allows you to directly communicate with your target audience. Think about it, the people joining your Facebook group aren’t being forced to (or at least we hope so), so it’s safe to assume that they are your most loyal customers. A Facebook group provides a direct line to your target audience where you can listen, learn, ask for feedback.

At the end of the day, an online presence is imperative to show up and stand out not only with your current audiences but also to create an opportunity for greater brand awareness, reach with new target audiences and ultimately new business opportunities.

If you are wanting to know if a Facebook Group is the right fit you and your business, please reach out and book in here for a discovery call. During this 15 minute free chat, we will discuss what is necessary to get you from Zero to Hero.

See you next time