Why Engagement and Followers matter

Let’s start with the basics.

On Instagram, followers are people who have clicked the big blue button. On Facebook, they are people or accounts who have actively ‘liked’ or ‘followed’ your page.

Now, engagement is the numerical amount that they have chosen to like, comment, or share your post. Having lots of followers is fabulous. But, it is not everything and does not automatically convert to sales and becoming a millionaire.


However, having high engagement with your current audience, irrespective of follower count, means people are enjoying your content, and you’ve created a community that wants to support you (BIG YES IN OUR EYES).

So, the reason why you’ve read this far, why does this information matter? Your followers are your community; we now know this. The engagement of these users, and the continued engagement, are a vital factor in how the algorithm works. If your followers are actively engaged with your content, the social media platform your using will recognise this. All platforms see high engagement as a favourable sign that your content should be organically pushed to more users. Ideally, that would be communication with your target audience, but that also depends on the content and other factors.

If you would like more information about different algorithms, please let us know. But, as wonderful as this all sounds, how do you boost followers and engagement? Well, I’m glad you asked. Keep reading 👇

So, how do you increase your followers?

1. User-generated content is a fabulous way to gain followers. Generally, people post content to reach as many people and individual accounts as they can. If businesses seem like they could potentially share their content, it adds another motivating factor to follow your brand. Meaning? The more shareable your content is (for other brands, the aesthetically pleasing look of your pics); the higher you can engage.

2. Posting frequency is another way to boost followers. The more you post, the more potential customers. Now, do not post 24 times a week. DO NOT. People can unfollow if they feel like they are getting spammed. What I am saying is you might not be at optimal reach if you’re posting once a week. If you check out your Instagram insights, you can have a deeper look into how frequently your followers are on the platform. But, we’ll get to the insights later.

Halfway through last year we coined the phrase, ‘smashes to the masses’ - and trust us, you don’t want to do this. Why? Because you aren’t posting just for the sake of posting. Post content that speaks directly to your audience rather than just posting because you haven’t posted all week.

3. Insights are a fantastic tool to see who your followers are. From colour choices, types of questions and the time in which you post are all key factors that influence engagement. Now, I’m not saying you need two different colour schemes for two different audiences. I’m more saying you can’t post content for your target audience if they are not the ones following you.

You may have a target audience and people in mind, but they are not always your audience. If this is the case, you still want to publish content that is directed to your target audience. But, you still need to keep in mind the people who are already following you. Keeping a nice mix is a good way to ensure your audience does not feel neglected and your target audience is, well, targetted to. Then, you can work your way towards an audience that is solely made up of your target users.

That seems like a good place to start, so we’ll stop there (for now).

But how do you increase engagement?

1. Sometimes it can seem hard to get people to comment and engage with content. Naturally, most users are listeners rather than that and engagers. However, not all hope is lost. Stories are more casual and have more low-level functions that enable people to engage easily. So it’s a good starting point to make people feel comfortable to reply. Within stories, having various strategies and angles is always a good method so you can test what does and does not work.

With stories, you want to be able to ask your audience for insight, to make them feel appreciated and almost as though they are a part of the team. By making people feel appreciated and a part of the team, they will be more likely to be forthcoming with feedback that is crucial to growth and success in your business.

2. Optimal posting times is also another factor you can get from insights. If people are on the platform Monday’s at 11 am and you’re posting Wednesdays at 7 am, it is not very likely that they will see your post, let alone comment on it.

For example, on Instagram, people are scrolling for an average of 53 minutes every day. Now, 53 minutes might seem like a long time, but for that hour, users are commenting, sharing, and liking on their feed. Are you one of the pages on their feed at that time? How are you ensuring that they are actively engaging with you for these 53 minutes?

While these statistics and figures are forever changing, particularly since COVID-19 graced our lives, the sentiment remains the same. If you’re posting when your followers are not on the platform, your content is not reaching optimal people. Thus, people will not follow your platform. Whereas, if you use the formulated data that social media platforms provide you with, you have a greater chance of reaching your audience and boosting engagement.

3. Users are less likely to engage with your content if you just tell them information. In high school, my English teacher would tell me to “show, not tell” and I never thought it would be so important in life (So, thank you, Mr. G). By telling stories, sharing updates, and asking their opinions, you open the doors for two-way communication. If there isn’t a call to action or a directional message to the comment section, they are less inclined to want to engage. By inviting them and showing, not telling them, they will feel more comfortable and willing to comment or possibly even share.

So there you have it

These are just a few tips and tricks to get you on your merry way. Of course, if you want to know more about anything we’ve gone through, why not book in for a 1-on-1 consult? We’ll get you the info you need to go Zero to Hero and then some. Link to book in is here (https://www.greeneryandco.com/book).

As always, if you have any questions about anything listed here or maybe you just want to organise a chinwag with us, contact us here (https://www.greeneryandco.com/contact).

Till next time, keep it hero (ain’t nobody got time for zero) 💥

Maddi 👊

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