What is your major drawcard?

Have you ever signed up for an app or tried new food because of a free trial? Come on, be honest. We pretty much want to use that frame of thinking and adopt the tricks of the trade to get things that benefit us (hello free shipping codes).

If you want to get super technical, a sales funnel visually showcases how many contact touchpoints there are before a client comes on board (spends their cashola with you). But, there’s always an initial contact, and what would happen if it was the greatest first impression ever? (Read: it should be. Wow them)

There is a psychological reaction that backs this strategy as if you do something for free for someone else; they will innately want to do something in return. AKA you give them something for free and they will want to either repay the favour or purchase your product. This process is the principle of reciprocity.

A freebie is something that can say, “I know what I’m talking about, time management and attention to detail is switched on, and here you go - here’s a slice of my personality”. In other words, it could be the greatest first impression and eliminate multiple touchpoints for some consumers.

The type of freebie depends on the kind of brand and business that you have. If you are in the medical industry, a mini-course is not going to add value to your business. Just try to make sure that the freebie is well thought out and shows your consumers exactly who you are and what you offer. Remember - try to have fun with it.

Here’s a list of ideas for freebies you could possibly offer or create:

Service-based business

  • 30-day challenge

  • Information pack (media kit, mini-course, template)

  • Event or webinar

  • Checklist

  • Quiz

  • Template

  • Facebook group for your community

  • Resource library

Product-based business

  • 2-week trial = subscriptions

  • Product with purchase = new product in a range

  • Consultations = medical industry

  • Voucher = e-commerce industry

  • Free product

  • Voucher

  • Samples

  • Giveaways

  • Recipes

  • Challenge (weekly workout plan, dietary plan)

  • Starter kit

  • Discount code

  • Offer a taste of your product (if you are a photographer, offer five stock images to your community)

The way you use this then is by putting it in your messaging or making an EDM centred around the new information that is available to them. Just make sure, if it is exclusive, that they feel special. So, individualising and using pronouns like ‘you’ are a highly effective angle.

For example, we have a freebie available on our website. The purpose of these freebies is to be informative about the types of services that we offer and provide a couple of tips and tricks. But, the main takeaway from mentioning us, apart from a shameless plug, is how each freebie is individually made and tailored for our clients with varying intentions.

Another fabulous example of good freebies is big cat creative. This website will give you an insight into the variety that is possible and possibly even cheeky inspo for an Instagram story.

Essentially, you know your audience better than anyone else. As long as the free product is adding value to their lives, it will be effective. So, make it for them. Keep them in mind, always.

So there you have it. Another one (zero to hero blog) bites the dust.

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Till next time, keep it hero (ain’t nobody got time for zero) 💥

Maddi 👊