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Get around your audience

It is no secret that the recent pandemic has put extra pressure on businesses, but did you know it has increased people’s use of social media pages? Recent studies show that 37% of people started using a new brand due to the creative and innovative ways they responded to COVID-19. Additionally, 65% of people said how brands responded to the outbreak sometimes changed where they shopped and if they would purchase from that brand in the future.

So, what does that mean for you? Well, this information tells us that during this pandemic, it is more important than ever to sort your socials and create consistency in your branding.

Time and energy might be two things that you just do not have right now. It’s about working smarter, not harder. The linked document above was written by the one and only IG, so that it may be a smidge bias, but the information still stands true. Instagram is an excellent platform to meet people on their playing field. It’s not only essential for them to but also yourself. Remember we’re trying to be time-efficient here people.

People also respond to emotional connection. In particular, a study was done on Australia Gen Z’s. Generally after learning a brand values -

What does that tell us? It is essential to move away from telling people about your business. Instead, try to deepen the connection and expressing your business purpose and values to ensure long term client relationships and potentially more of them. These could be posts about the motivations behind creating the business and asking them for input. Once you have an emotional connection with your audience, it will be easier not only to find clients but also to create a potentially long career for yourself. You may be a business, but you need to immerse yourself in their world to see what will get you the best results.

Building your brand

Through your stories

Australians are sharing 1 million Instagram stories every day. People look to Stories for inspiration and motivation. Studies show that adding stories to your strategy not only increases reach by 20% on average but also leads to 46% better cost per incremental ad recall outcome.

So, what can you do to utilise this information? The functionality of stories allows you to humanise your brand by showcase brand moments. These are possible through capturing behind the scene moments, pin important stories to your page using Story Highlights and creating interactions using ‘polls’ and ‘questions’. All around, it is an important feature to add to your business strategy.

How do you create the content for your story? Well, you don’t have to just use the pre-made add-ons or gifs, emojis etc that Instagram offers. There are many different platforms, applications, software programs that allow you to do this with the simple touch of a few buttons. However, there are also online options, especially on Canva. While there are lots of options to edit stories on Instagram, if you create the content on Canva, you’re able to control everything and make sure it aligns with your brand’s fonts and colours. Once you have a simple template together, you can then put it in Instagram to add various GIF’s, polls or other interactive features.

Utilise the Explore Tab

Half of Instagram users globally use the Explore feature every month. The explore tab is based off their algorithm and is tailored to each user. If you’re looking into ads, it is a great place for general awareness advertisements. But, if you’re an organic hero, here’s how you can use this information.

While you physically cannot do anything to push yourself into the explore tab, there are still ways to go about it. Some of the best tips we have are -

  1. Creating tiles or creatives that will grab the attention of your target audience

  2. Using your brand story to generate content

  3. Using location tags.

Through this, people who are curious and seeking new businesses will generally be able to find out.

Collaborating with Influencers

People have always sought advice and recommendations for films, food and fashion (and more). Guess what? We can use that to our advantage.

If you have the budget, branded content ads are 96% more likely to drive cost-effective action intent than branded content or brand ads alone. Instagram suggests if you’re looking to work with people, Vamp and Tribe are fabulous to identify creator that align with your brand.

If you don’t have the budget, that is a-okay. Organic Branded Content is the way around it. User-generated content is when users create content to try and inspires people. All you need to do is share it. Well, I wish it was that easy. You first need to create an online environment where people want to be featured on your platform. Then you need to ask your community to share what they love, how they use your product or service and what value it added to their lives. HINT: Let them know you are posting their photo.

So there you have it.

Another one (zero to hero blog) bites the dust.

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