Tick Tock ⏱ Are you on TikTok?

I have a confession to make, I finally caved. I created a TikTok.

Now I know I am going to sound a geriatric old person but at first, it felt like I was young again trying to rollerblade for the first time, covered in shin guards, knee pads, wrist wraps AND even tried to protect myself by wearing 3 layers of tops. Safe to say the results were dismal at first.

But it’s been a good 7 days now and I am slowly *but surely* getting the hang of it.

My top tips for using TikTok for your business:

  1. Keep it ABOUT your business, don’t spend time aimlessly scrolling through other videos ‘just because’

  2. Keep your time on TikTok brief but do it daily. I recommend going in and seeing who is commenting on your videos, responding to them, following them back (if they add value), engaging with new videos and new people you discover

  3. Have a CLEAR CTA for your videos and/or a reason to be posting them whilst keeping your target audience in mind.

  4. Remember just because it is a ‘viral trend’ or video doesn’t mean it aligns with your business.

  5. Repurpose your content from each platform but do not copy ‘monikers’ from each platform, for example when you have pre-selected auto-save on your TikTok videos once you’ve posted them it comes up with a ‘TikTok’ watermark on it, post the ‘original’ on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc. Remember, different platforms, different rules.

Although I am THE biggest advocate of not biting off more than you can chew - TikTok can be really fun and allows you to expand your reach and channels.

However, I will say this, if you are already struggling to keep on top of your social media channels at present, please for the love of all things good, please do not add more to your load.

Till next time,

Head Honcho Ez x

PSST - if you want to know more about sprucing up your socials or website, please reach out and book in here for a discovery call. During this 15-minute free chat, we will discuss what is necessary to get you from Zero to Hero.

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