The importance of upskilling employees

In business, when it comes to staying ahead of the game it can be tricky and complicated. However, since knowledge is power, being a more informed business and in turn business owner, is a competitive edge. When you invest in your employees, you are doing a lot more than increasing salaries. Hiring is stressful, but, if you hire your team correctly and your team has an excellent work ethic, you can increase their productivity by bringing them to workshops and upskilling them to perform their current duties at a higher level of understanding and skillset. Long term employees also perform better as they know and understand your business on a deeper level than someone you hired three months ago. So, put time and money into those employees to ensure they are the best they can be.

But, what workshops and on what topics? Social media is an exceptional beast to start with. Within any business, a team of people need to be in charge or have some involvement with social media. So, why train one person when you can inform all in one workshop?  

It's funny you mention that you need to upskill your team in communications because we offer that very service. What do we offer? Put simply, you ask and tell us what you need and we deliver in a 2 to 4-hour course at your workplace touching on all the subjects and gaps you need. What's not to love? If you want me more details, email us at

Bookings are now open for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast-based businesses for January 2020.

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