Schedule your content to FREE up your time, not to take up more of it

Let’s face it, we don’t have nearly enough hours in the day than what we need, especially when it comes to showing up and then representing your business on social media. Content scheduling is one of the best time-saving functions to help you get on top of your socials, so why isn't everyone talking about it?

Maybe it’s one of those, ‘keep it to yourself so no-one realises how helpful it is’ kind of situations? Other than that - we’ve got donuts….


Not too sure what I'm talking about? Let's try and break it down first.

Content scheduling is the process of preparing content in advance and setting specific dates and times for it to be automatically posted for you on whatever social media platforms you like. Sounds easy enough, but why exactly is it essential?

In a world where time is money, nobody can afford to spend even a second longer on a task than what they need to. If done right, spending even just half a day writing and scheduling content can prepare you for over a months worth of social media posts for both Instagram and Facebook.


Our top tips for content scheduling:

  1. Start off small- There’s no need to overwhelm yourself. Slowly prepare more content over a longer period of time and work your way up. Our aim is for no more than two weeks worth of content - especially in our current climate. Things are constantly changing and if you’re posting content that doesn’t keep up with ‘news’ it will be obvious and it will highlight that your business is out of touch #sorrynotsorry

  2. Listen and acknowledge your analytics and insights - there's no point posting on a day that nobody will view it or with weak content that doesn’t convert. Identify your peak posting days/times and stick to them.

  3. Keep it consistent- Make sure your visuals, and CTA’s are consistent across all platforms.

  4. Plan patterns (if any) and identify where and when to post your strongest content.

Content scheduling saves you time, money, and maybe even a headache or two, so why not give it a go today?

Till next time, keep it hero,

👊🏼 Team G&C

PSST - if you want to know more aboutsprucing up your socials or website, please reach out and book inhere for a discovery call. During this 15-minute free chat, we will discuss what is necessary to get you from Zero to Hero.

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