What is this "Classic Blue"?

Pantone colour of 2020 was Classic Blue or PANTONE 19-4052. The intention was to promote resilience and peace. In a world that seems chaotic, Classic Blue was chosen to support concentration and clarity.

While some people think this will kickstart the year of "peaceful and productive 2020". (Margherita Cole, 2019) However, some people are not very happy with this. The opposing people believe this is a colour chosen to please the masses.

"Such an influential global institution, professionally dependent on industry recognition of its colour sense, couldn't afford another such politically insensitive misstep." Michelle Ogundehin

On the contrary, a lot of other companies chose green to be the colour of 2020 as it represents optimism. (We couldn't agree more.) It was also an attempt to bring awareness to the environment, which is such a hot topic right now (literally for NSW).

Classic Blue will never go out of style. It is a timeless colour that brings tranquillity and has connotations of trust and confidence. However, it does seem like a bit of a cop-out after last year. It appears like an attempt to please everyone however it did not pay off as it has sparked a lot of debate.

There is a lesson in this. At the end of the day, decide what you want, explain it to people and let that be that. People need to stop trying to please everyone and try to be politically correct to the point they miss an opportunity. The colour of the year could be a chance to celebrate humanity, vibrancy and life. So, what colour do we think does that? Green of course 😉

What colour do you think should have been the 2020 colour of the year?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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