What the font!?

As adults, we all know that much like our favourite stovetop element, when a font looks good and works well it is exciting.

Fonts are the style and typeface of a collection of characters that have a similar shape and design. But did you know that the type of font you choose heavily impacts your marketing efforts?

Just like imagery, the font also evokes a sense of emotion and then in-turn a reaction to what is displayed to your audiences. If your font is busy or hard to read it makes your audiences feel flustered and unable to connect with what you are trying to convey. This then creates a feeling of disconnect between yourself and your audience.

Types of fonts:

  • Serif

  • Sans Serif

  • Script

  • Decorative

For us here at G&C our approach to fonts encompasses the K.I.S.S method. Keep it simple stupid.

When choosing which font you should go with considering the following -

  1. What emotions or perceptions do you want people to form about your business?

  2. Is your font easy to read and conveys your message quickly enough? (Ie., you don’t have to concentrate to read the wording)

  3. Can this font be used for professional purposes?

  4. Does it print well?

Our hot tip for fonts? It is all trial and error until you find the EXACT font you are after. There are quite literally thousands of them, so try some until you are happy.

But once you’ve found your font type, use it EVERYWHERE. On your website, throughout your marketing collateral - social media, business cards, and all of your branding materials.

Pick a font and stick to it; your business will thank you for it.

Till next time,

Head Honcho Erin

PSST - if you want to know more about sprucing up your socials or website, please reach out and book in here for a discovery call. During this 15-minute free chat, we will discuss what is necessary to get you from Zero to Hero.

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