How to unplug from social media

The year is coming to an end which only means one thing, those well deserved holidays are just around the corner. Any business owner knows that the ability to “switch off” over holidays isn’t as easy said as done - it’s just in the nature of owning a business!

The whole point of taking holidays is to relax, recharge and mentally take a break so that you can emerge into the new year feeling refreshed and reinspired. This means disconnecting from anything “business-related” and not being glued to your phone checking social media every hour of the day (sounds like a dream, right?).

When we say that you will arrive into the New Year refreshed and re-energised, we meant it. Not only will your internal team appreciate the break and be allowed to come back with a fresh mind and attitude towards the business but so will your clients.

With a little planning and preparation, this break doesn’t have to be stressful and will not create a disconnect in your communications with your audiences.

Here are our 5 tips from successfully taking a break from social media over the holiday season.

1. Plan and Schedule Content in Advance

This is the first (and most crucial) step to taking a stress-free holiday!

Sitting down to plan and schedule content all at once will not only give you peace of mind while you’re away but also keep your posts consistent.

Using a social media scheduling tool is one of the easiest ways to plan your content in advance and ensure that everything will be running smoothly while you’re sipping cocktails by the pool (or dreaming of doing this).

OUR GO-TO TIP: Give yourself some time to transition back into work and catch up with your team (and clients/customers) and schedule a week of extra content beyond your return date #yourewelcome

2. Allocate a point of contact person

(as a business owner, you are most likely going to be the POC)

Remembering that you can’t ignore community engagement while you’re away, it is imperative to have someone allocated to be a point of contact.

Let's be real, if you’re a small business owner, there is a high chance this person will be you.

Whoever it is, this person can monitor social media channels, emails and phone lines as often as required and answer any comments or questions that come through. But keep in mind, that this person also needs to have a break at some stage too.

If you’re a freelancer - don’t stress this applies to you too! A virtual assistant (VA) is a great alternative to help you out with this step because you also need a break.

3. Communicate with your team (and clients)

Giving your team and clients plenty of notice before you go on leave gives the entire workplace time to prepare.

Set some boundaries and let them know what your availability is and what your expectations are while you’re away.

Make them aware that you plan on taking a break from social media and constantly checking your emails while you’re on holidays, and don’t apologise or feel guilty for it - this is your time to recharge and increase motivation and productivity for the new year!

Remember that this is to not only benefit yourself and your mental health but your team and your clients too.

4. Delete social media apps while on vacation

We know what you’re thinking - deleting all your social media apps from your phone sounds absolutely crazy.

We get it, it's tough, but it's really one of the best ways to take a break #realtalk

Deleting all work-related apps will do wonders for your mental health and stop you from mindlessly scrolling apps (don’t pretend you don’t do this).

If you still want to be able to share your holiday adventures over social media, then just delete your communication apps such as emails and messenger so you won’t be bothered by people wanting your attention all day long (that's what your contact person or virtual assistant is for!).

If you really can’t take a break, turn off your notifications and set a dedicated time to check your phone, update your social media and reply to any messages.

5. Schedule catch up meetings for when you return

The last thing to do before you take the holiday you’ve been dreaming of all year is to schedule meetings with your staff and clients for when you return.

This is the perfect time to catch up with them and go over anything you may have missed while you’ve been away.

Scheduling a catch up in advance gives yourself, your team and your clients time to reflect on the year and start thinking of their goals for 2021.

This year has been tough for everyone and Christmas is looking slightly different this year. Although we’re unable to travel overseas to see friends and family, it's still just as important to take a break, even if it's only a day or two.

With a job that requires constantly being online and engaged, it's easy to burn out and you can’t expect to excel if you’re feeling like this. Recognise when you need a break and then start taking these steps so you can enjoy that stress-free holiday.

PSST - Don’t forget to put on your auto-reply for your emails and social media messages. This is an automated message that will let others know that you won’t be able to respond due to being on holidays.

Peace out & enjoy the Christmas pav’!

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