How to: Social Media Management - Tips and Tricks

Social media already is an enormous platform, and as each day passes, more is posted or added. By the thousands. Managing this can then seem endless. However, with these three simple tips and tricks, not only can you kickstart your social media, but you can save money and time. Implementing these can ensure that you have time to undertake other tasks within your business.

1 > Scheduling programs

Posting consistently on your social media accounts has a significant impact on the growth of your platform. Here at Greenery & Communications, we teach our clients that it is quality over quantity that you are looking for with your post. Your numbers inclusive of followers and engagements does increase and can sometimes double because you have posted more than once a week. While this can be time-consuming, using scheduling programs allows this to become easier. What this allows you to do is automatically schedule content for weeks at a time instead of trying to write captions every day (as well as go into each platform and manually post). Using scheduling programs has a flow-on effect on the quality of content and allows for easier repurposing of content. Believe us when we say that you don't have to try and post twelve times a week. You just have to find your market, keep it consistent and schedule it so you can set it and forget it for weeks at a time.

There are literally hundreds of different platforms that you can use. You just have to find the one that works for the platforms your business currently uses and what is easy for you to access. There are many that are free too. We use at Greenery, but Hootsuite and Buffer are also great options.

2 > Analyse your data Data, facts and statistics are not just for scientists. All social platforms offer insights or analytics to describe how your social platform is performing. Reading and understanding these facts and figures is a fantastic tool for time efficiency. It'll give you 'insight' into what is working and what isn't.

It will also provide you with the following details -

What day performs best? What is your current market? What time is best to post? Which hashtags were best? What kinds of content achieved greater engagement?

So our tip? Scrap what did not work and produce more of what does. However, this will also be a weekly task as social media changes and so too do the trends.

3 > Geniunity People switch off when pages seem only to sell products. As recent trends show, audiences enjoy watching BTS (behind the scenes) and watching as the story unfolds. They love the relatability of failures and celebrating the successes with you. So, you need to keep your content and tone real and relatable to create a loyal community that wants to engage with your content. In the beginning, it may be uncomfortable being vulnerable, open and honest in front of a camera. But it is a skill you can work on; everyone needs to start somewhere. As you grow and develop so will your community.

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