How-to GAIN Instagram followers authentically and without bots

We work with our clients to get their follower count up. What does this mean? Sky-high baby!

Okay, okay, we aren't expecting you to wake up tomorrow with Beyonce like notoriety and be selling out of every product (how epic would that be though?!).

So how can you build your follower count without a) annoying your pre-existing audiences and b) without getting spammed by bots?

Here is the G&C top ten list:

#1 Create a brand aesthetic and don't steer away

#2 Cross-populate your Instagram content on other platforms

#3 Use BUSINESS and INDUSTRY relevant hashtags ONLY

#4 Geotag your location

#5 Engage with your current audiences

#6 Create 'hit list' for engagement with new audiences

#7 Follow likeminded people and businesses (without being a stalker)

#8 Consistently post content but ONLY of high quality

#9 Interact with your audiences on Instagram stories

#10 Utilise your insights to your advantage

Raise your hand if you think you can do this?


PSST - but if you aren't confident to do this yourself, why don't you book in a one-on-one training session with us? We are currently offering them for 50% OFF for the months of April and May.

Book via the link here.

You know our promise, zero to hero. And boy did we mean it 💥

Till next time, team G&C 👊🏼

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