Gone are the days of just using ‘filler’ posts and praying that they’ll convert your followers to paying customers/clients. Because guess what? We’ve all got a lot smarter and more versatile when it comes to where and how we spend our money.

One thing you’ll notice is that captions are getting very woody. Almost too wordy, especially when they aren’t crafted appropriately for the audience. I don’t know about you, but remember back a few (okay many) years ago when you were in school and if something was too long you’d totally skim and try and read the ‘good’ bits?

Well, I hate to break it to you kids, but this is what is happening with your captions. If you don’t hook them straight away, you’ve lost them it'll be the worst fishing experience ever.


But never fear, there are ways around this.

Our top tips for writing converting captions:

  1. Focus on the message you are trying to articulate to your audience. Does it catch them from the opening sentence? Is it clear? Does it make them take another step?

  2. What is the length of your caption? If the message is short and sharp, make the caption similar. If the caption is too long-winded the audience will become disengaged and not finish reading it.

  3. Do you have a CLEAR CTA? What do they do next? “Click here”, “So subscribe to our blog,” - these are DIRECT actions that you want your audience/readers to take next. These actions get them further along the customer journey and lead them to convert.

Use your captions to stand out and connect with your audiences. Use this opportunity to convey your message and execute what you are trying to achieve with and for your audiences.

I don’t like to quote Eminem too often (who am I kidding? Yes I do!), but you’ve got one shot, one opportunity.


If you want to know more about captions and their importance, read our other blogs on social media. Want to know if your captions are up to scratch? Why not book in for a complimentary discovery call with Head Honcho Erin here.

Till next time, keep it hero,

Team G&C 👊🏼

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