Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

So you’ve got a question or two or maybe even a few.


Here at G&C, we are almost certain that you have got many burning questions that keep you up at night that you want to ask us. Well sleep easy my friends, we’ve collated a list of the top questions we get asked on the reg’. You’re welcome (starts singing ‘That’s what friends are for’).


Of course, if we don’t answer your query, never fear, that is what email or Instagram stalking is for!

Q. “What if I don’t know what I want and just need a chat to start off?”

Ah reassurance, this is something we all need every now and then. So we get it. You can book in for a 1-on-1 consultation with Head Honcho Erin here. She’ll be able to get to the bottom of whatever issues you might be facing or where you want to see your brand go. We can then establish your needs and come up with a plan of attack (POA) from there.

Q. “What if I am lost and don’t know where I want my business to head?”

Again, this is something that literally EVERYONE has felt within their business. If someone tells you they haven’t, they’re a liar. Plain and simple. If your query is one you feel you can solve yourself with some diggin’ (okay stalking) let us point you towards our service list on our website, our socials, our journal and even our online social media training portal.

Q. “I don’t want to run my socials myself, I want someone to take over them for me. Can you help?”

It may be a tad premature but, “Welcome to the G&C family 👋🏻” Okay you’re right, we might be getting a bit ahead of ourselves, we’ve only just met but boy oh boy do we think you’ve made a lucky choice stumbling onto little ol’ us on the deep, dark web. We work with our clients to develop a social media strategy that not only makes sense but also converts followers to paying clients. Why? Because unless your sole goal is to set up your business as an aesthetically pleasing store that people only go to for imagery, you’ve gotta give the people more. That is where we come in. With packages available from $170 per week inclusive of insight analysis, content planning, captions and templates you’d be silly not to. Free up your time to focus on the other 5’129 pressing matters in your business. Let us help you with this.

Q. “I want to learn how to make sure my social media is performing at the highest level it can and ensure that my audiences become my clients. Can you teach me?”

You should check out our Zero to Hero Training package. It is a self-paced self-audit. What does that mean? It is a series of questions to will gauge your current skill level and a chance for you to understand potential new skills. From here, you will get access to the Lil’ Green Book that answers all the question asked in the self-audit.

Q. “I want my workplace to learn how to use social media both internally and externally. Can you help us with that?”

Of course. Sounds like a fun excuse to get out of the office. So, what we can offer you is a 2 to 4-hour workshop. But, as we strive to give you a tailored and personalised workshop, we only include the good bits. For this to happen we will need to know how many people will be attending, what you feel are you lacking, what you want clarification on and/or want some direction on. Then we can do the rest.

Q. “I want to learn how to create content that is engaging. Can you help with that?”

We would love to! Engaging content has a lot involved. From photos, presets, captions, hashtags, tags, when to post and how to engage with audiences when they comment are all things we can help you with a little bit more. We can provide this on a 1-on-1 basis or we can teach your entire workplace. The world is quite literally your oyster with this. We are currently taking bookings for January 2020 so book in whilst you can.

Q. “What if I want services that aren’t listed on your website?”

Put your query in an email and let’s chat about it.

Q. “Why the name Greenery & Co?”

Short answer: Because we wanted to Long answer: Erin, the Head Honcho, last’s name has a lot to do with it as it is ‘Green’. But, it also displays what we are about. We want to collaborate and instil fresh ideas into the world of communications. So think fresh injections of creativity that are fun, incorporate what your brand is about and allows your point of difference to be expressed whilst utilising the latest and greatest trends that are occurring.

Q. “How is the office pooch going?”

The office pooch, Karma is great. Let us be honest for a minute, she is the real head honcho and shot caller around here. I think that having her in G&C office promotes productivity, gives our clients a surprise when she joins in on video meetings and she sings along to our office jams (on spotify, you're welcome). Next time you are talking to us, don't forget about Karma.

Q. "So, what can you do for me?"

You should check out our media kit. It lists all our available services for you. If something you would like isn’t there, you should check out the third last question.

Did we miss your question? Oh wow, this is awkward. Get in contact with us here to discuss.

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