Communicate with Confidence Gang.

Oh hello there, welcome.

You're probably here because you want to know more about our Communicate with Confidence gang. Don't stress, we aren't a street gang. We are an online community where you will learn, grow, and connect with over likeminded business owners.

All the info you need (and then some):

This is ideal for established business owners, individuals who are wanting to start a business, or someone who needs a bit of a kick in the caboose when it comes to their own business needs (ah hello, this is all of us).


This is not industry or niche-specific and is for business-owners on ALL levels, irrespective of skillset or platform knowledge and understanding. Whatever gender, whatever age, whatever business size - this is the place for you.


So what is it?

Put simply, we are giving you the tools to communicate with confidence ✔️


The information is presented both via email and detailed in the Facebook group.


How it will work:

〰️ Monthly; we will have a set topic for the month that we will cover IN DETAIL.

〰️ We will have weekly emails sent out with tutorials, tips, tricks, hacks, and facts AKA everything you need to help get your business (sales, follower counts, and your confidence) from zero to hero 💥

〰️ We will have a FB community where you will be able to ask for advice, talk about what you're currently doing (or not doing) in your business and also what works for you. This group will also give you the opportunity to collaborate with other CwC members & be featured in our Lil' green book.

〰️Once a month we will be having a guest speaker present on a chosen topic in accordance with the monthly teachings.


Members of our gang will be able to book in for one-on-one consultations with head honcho (me 🙋🏼‍♀️) at discounted rates to ensure that they are on ze path of greatness.


With a monthly membership that costs less than two takeaways coffees per week, you'll have access to all of this and then some.

We aren't ready to launch just yet, but register your interest below and you will be the first to know when we are launching.

Although 2020 has proven to be a wild ride for us all so let's finish this year off with a BANG 💥





See you soon,