This is where the real magic happens.


The newest service onboard at G&C and Erin (Head Honcho)’s lil' baby and one she is uber proud of #humblebrag.


Whether you are working 1-on-1 with Erin on a one-off basis or ongoing, these sessions are everything you need (and more). 


During these sessions, you will be provided with the tools, feedback and advice curated to you AS AN INDIVIDUAL business. From content creation, captions, copy, contacting influencers, your profit/loss sheets to honing in on your target market, Erin has it in the bag.


Sign up for our May intake, and get your VERY OWN bag of tips and tricks as well as the education and knowledge to implement said changes into your business.


Too easily, we get into a habit of comparison and you know what they say - it’s the thief of joy! Let’s get you in your own lane - heck, your own highway! - and on the road to a less-effort, higher-yield business.


Our no BS approach to informate & educate our clients allows you to learn up-to-date information whilst giving you the understanding you need for your business to succeed both on social media and off of it.

Working directly with Head Honcho Erin Green you'll learn the skills required to get yourself from Zero to Hero whilst ensuring your business can hit and exceed your wildest expectations both on social media and in conversions leading to sales.

When we say Zero to Hero, we mean it.

So are you ready to stop wasting time and get serious about your business?