Hello 👋🏻

Welcome to Greenery & Co.

My name is Erin (not-your-average-garden-variety) Green and I am Head Honcho here at Greenery & Co. 

Success stems from a solid foundation. At Greenery & Co, we give your seedling business idea the sturdy roots to allow for organic growth, by creating a self-sufficient ecosystem.


From building your website, brand voice, logo, creative content, social media and more —there’s less stress, more success.

Together lets grow your business from zero to hero!

Don’t get lost down in a time-travelling social media black hole when you could be using your time for yield instead of yearning. 

For many years I have worked one-on-one with business owners to cut through the noise online and off to ensure their message is communicated effectively and transparently to their audiences. 

By cutting through the 'mumbo jumbo' we ensure we hit that sweet spot with audiences that leads to growth both online and offline.