Who we are & what we do - without the BS.

Oh hello & welcome to G&C 👋🏻


Without overwhelming you with the big mumbo jumbo marketing words - put simply, we are here to help you and your business grow in your already heavily saturated market.


"Okay, thanks Erin, but what does that mean?"


Excellent question!


Essentially we assist you in every which way that you can communicate with your clients. We work with you to develop and implement strategies that will get your business from zero to hero.


Whether it is one-off assistance with getting your latest campaign off the ground, branding creation for your new business, setting up your e-commerce website, social media training, or social media management - we got you.


As a business owner, you are already wearing 586 hats, we are just here to help guide you in the right direction with your marketing and communications.​

When you think 'Greenery & Co' we want you to think about ALL things communications.​​

However, you choose to communicate with your audiences, make sure your communications are engaging them, having the desired effect on them, and more importantly turning them from your audience to your PAYING customers. ​

Our motto? Zero to hero baby.

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