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Who we are

Your go-to communications agency; thats who.

Hi there, I'm Erin 👋🏼

Head honcho (self-titled & self-proclaimed)

I have a proven background in all things communications. If you know me, you know that I can talk and don't I love it. To me communication in its many forms, is personal, identifiable and extremely individual. We all do it differently and express ourselves accordingly.

Being the self-proclaimed social butterfly that I am, I have amassed quite the lil green book (see what I did there) of knowledge and networking within the Brisbane market and this is advantageous to G&C clients.

"Okay, so that is your face, but what do you do?"


Excellent place to start - G&C (as we refer to ourselves) are available to assist with all facets of communications.


Whether it is one-off assistance with getting your latest campaign off the ground, initial start-up consultations and advice, or ongoing monthly support across all facets of communications within your business. Whatever crazy elaborate plan or vision you have planned for your brand, we want in. We want to help make your business dreams a reality.  

When you think 'Greenery & Co' we want you to think about ALL things communications.

Think big, think everything.

"Okay, but why do we do what we do?"

Again, really great question! Now we all know that more traditional forms of communications are dying out, but it doesn't mean that your business is slack off with your communications either. 

With market saturation at the highest it has ever been it is more important than ever to stand out and get your ideal (dream) clients and customers attention. That is where we come in. 

However, you choose to communicate with your audiences, make sure your communications are engaging them, having the desired effect on them and more importantly turning them from your audience to your PAYING customers. Not sure if you are doing this correctly? Why not ask us for an audit.

If you are running a business and you need help or assistance with your communications, contact us today. With ongoing packages, one-off consultations and training available we are sure to find a solution for every query and budget.

Our motto? Zero to hero baby.